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Stir Fried Soy Bean Sprouts with Fried Anchovies


150 grammes of soy bean sprouts (remove root)
40 grammes of anchovies
3 cloves garlic (chopped finely)
Some warm water
3 tablespoons oil


2 teaspoons light soy sauce
salt to taste
1 teaspoon of white pepper powder


Rinse anchovies and drain dry.

Heat oil in wok and fry the anchovies till golden brown. Remove and set aside.

Clean the wok, heat up 1 tablespoon of oil and add garlic. Stir fry for about 5 seconds on high heat, add soy bean sprouts and stir fry briskly.

Add seasoning and sprinkle some water to keep moist. Do not pour water as this would make the dish soggy.

Stir fry for about 2 to 3 minutes. Just before dishing up, return the fried anchovies to wok and stir well.

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Rice Palette said...

What a coincidence - I just read an article about how I should be eating more soy, and I bumped into this great looking recipe! Looks great, and the blog looks amazing!

delicacies said...

Thanks Rice....please try other recipes too.

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