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Crispy Oyster Mushrooms


Oyster mushroom is an organic vegetable and it is rich in protein, an excellent source of Vitamin B. This is one way to cook oyster mushroom.


1 packet oyster mushroom
4 tbsp corn flour
2 tbsp flour
Salt and pepper
Some ice cube and cold water


Wash and clean the oyster mushroom. Remove the water and set aside.

In a big bowl, mix together corn flour, flour, some salt and pepper to taste.

Add on ice cube into the mixture and slowly pour in some cold water in it. Mix till lumpy mixture is smooth.

Heat oil in pan. Dip the oyster mushroom into the batter and deep fried till golden colour and crispy.

Serve with chilli sauce or Thai sauce.

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1 comment:

Patti D. said...

awesome, they looks delicious! another great dish.

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