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Stir Fried Kangkong with Garlic


The best way to eat Kangkong (water spinach) is either to stir fry it with belacan or blanched and dipped in prawn paste eaten together with cuttlefish. Unlike stir frying with belacan (shrimp paste) which may overpower the taste of the vegetable altogether, this stir fry keeps it light.


* 300 grammes kangkong (washed, roots removed and plucked)
* 5 cloves garlic (chopped)
* 1 1/2 tablespoons oil
* 1 teaspoon fish sauce
* salt to taste


Heat oil in wok. Add garlic and stir frying till garlic beginning to brown.

Add kangkong and stir well. Add fish sauce and salt and sprinkle a little water every now and then to keep the dish moist. Dish up when leaves have completely and evenly turned darker colour.

Serve hot.

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