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Crispy Anchovies : Malaysian Recipe

Asian Recipes

Dried anchovies or known as ikan bilis is commonly used in soups or fried with sambal and served with nasi lemak. This crispy anchovies can be eaten as a snack or side dish. This addictive snack is crispy,crunchy and delicious.


3 cups of dried anchovies (soaked in cold water for 15mins and drained to remove excess salt. Refrigerate for an hour or so.)
5 garlic (washed and crushed with the skin)
2 onions (finely sliced)
5 chopped bird's eye chilli.
1 tbsp tamarind paste or 2 tbsp of lemon juice
Oil for frying
Dried shallots for seasoning
Sugar to taste


Deep fry the anchovies until brown and crispy.

In another pan, use the same oil to fry the onions until slightly brown.

Add in garlic.

Then, add the tamarind juice or lemon juice.

Add the chillies.

Lower the heat and stir fry all the ingredients until the mixture becomes quite dry and light in texture.

Finally, add the fried anchovies and mix well. Then add the dried shallots and mix thoroughly.

Remove from the wok and serve.

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