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Ketupat Sotong : Malaysian Recipe

This popular ketupat sotong or squids stuffed with glutinous rice features squids stuffed with glutinous rice bathed in a sea of cooked thick coconut milk. The stuffing is first soaked in coconut milk before it is stuffed into the squids.


1 can glutinous rice
12 squids
1 coconut
1.2 cm ginger
2 shallot
1 teaspoon fenugreek (halba)
some sugar
12 stick about 3.7cm.


1. Wash cleans the squid.

2. Take out the coconut milk.

3. Waste clean the glutinous rice and cook with the coconut milk until cooked.

4. Take small amount from the rice and put into the squid then attach it.

5. Put all the attached squid into the pot fill with coconut milk, ginger, shallot and fenugreek.

6. Insert coconut milk, salt, and sugar when it boils. At the same time, stir it so that the coconut milk not cloddy.

7. When cooked,this ketupat sotong is ready to be served.

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