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Crispy Pancake

(Apam Balik)


250g plain flour
1 tsp salt
2-3 tbsp Castor sugar
1 tsp fresh yeast (break up into fine granules)
1 egg
250ml water
1 tsp alkaline water

100g toasted groundnuts, pounded finely
75g coarse sugar
1 small can cream-style sweet corn
50g margarine


Sift flour and salt into a mixing bowl. Add sugar, egg, yeast and water to mix. Beat the mixture well until it forms a smooth batter. Add alkaline water, mix, then cover and set aside for 40–50 minutes.

Heat a griddle pan until hot. Pour in a ladleful of batter into the pan. Smooth out evenly with the back of the ladle. Cover pan with a lid and cook until bubbles appear.

Spread a handful of groundnuts and some sugar over surface. Next, add in a tablespoon of margarine and some cream-style sweet corn. Cover and cook until apam begins to harden. Remove and fold in half. Serve

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PrettyIndGal said...

Sounds interesting..
I'll surely try it..
Although I wish there were more vegetarian recipes...


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