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Glutinous Rice With Mango


300 g glutinous rice, soaked for at least 3 hours or overnight.
120 ml water
3 tbsp thick coconut milk
½ tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
2 pandan leaves, tied into a knot
3 – 4 ripe mangoes, peeled and sliced
300 ml coconut milk (from ½ coconut)
Pinch of salt

Mum's Thai Mango and Sticky Rice DessertImage by avlxyz via Flickr


Pick out any husks and foreign particles from the rice and wash until water runs clear. Cover rice with fresh water and leave to soak for several hours (or overnight). After soaking, rinse and drain rice.

Place rice in a shallow cake tin. Place water, coconut milk, salt and sugar in a small bowl and stir until well combined. Pour over the rice and bury the pandan in it.

Steam rice (in a steamer tray) over rapidly-boiling water for 20 – 30 minutes or until rice grains are translucent.

Peel mangoes, cut the two halves away from the central stone and slice 1 cm thick. Combine the coconut milk and salt – and cook over very low heat, stirring all the time until the mixture comes to the boil. Take pan off heat immediately and allow to cool.

To serve, place a small mound of rice on a serving dish, lay slices of mango on the rice and pass the coconut milk in a separate jug/bowl for guests to drizzle on the rice and mango.

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