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Shallow Fried Fish : Malaysian Recipe

Asian Recipes

Shallow frying is a good alternative to deep frying as it uses less oil. This shallow fried fish recipe is very simple,tasty yet nutritious.

3 Indian mackerel - cleaned and gutted
Oil for frying
1 large onion – cut into rings
3 bird’s eye chillies - sliced diagonally


Liberally rub the fish, including its insides with salt, then sprinkle a handful over the fish.

Place the fish in a heat-resistant plate and set over rolling hot water if using a wok and steam for about 12 to 15 minutes.

When cooked, heat the cooking oil and shallow fry the fish until it is crisp on the outside. Remove excess oil from the pan.

With one teaspoon of oil, sauté the onion rings and bird’s eye chillies until soft and pour it over the fish.

Best serve with rice as a side dish or with congee or rice porridge.

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