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Fish Curry with Mango


Fish curry has different taste than chicken curry and beef curry. This fish curry with mango is cooked with that tangy sourish taste to it - with lime juice,tamarind juice,raw mango,etc with a hint of spiciness.

4 fish cutlets
2 small raw mangoes, halved
4 ladies finger
2 large green chili, halved
1 large red tomato, cubed
3 shallots, cubed
2 garlic, chopped
1 packet fish curry powder, add with a little hot water to form paste.
1 cup fresh coconut milk
1/2 cup water
1/3 cup tamarind juice
fresh curry leaves
1 tablespoon spice mix-fenugreek, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, cumin
pinch of salt


Heat up a large pot with about 1/3 cup of oil. Fry the spice mix until aromatic. Add shallots, garlic and curry leaves, continue to stir until lightly browned.

Pour in the curry paste and stir lightly until you see some "oil" forming.

Add the ladies finger, tomatoes, chili, raw mango. Let it cook until soften a little before adding in the fish cutlets.

Pour in coconut milk, tamarind juice and water. Stir lightly to combine. Add salt as you like it to taste.

Cover with lid and simmer until the fish is cooked. Serve with hot rice.

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Siti Nur Fatimah Mohamad Ali said...

perrrrr....sedapnya !!

da la nga lapau ni..

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