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Meat and Vegetable Curry


This meat and vegetable curry is a popular dish, locally known as Dalca. You will love the taste of tender curry meat with some carrots and potatoes, and a few vegetables, which can be eaten together with briyani or tomato rice.


500 gm beef (cubed)
4 potatoes - cut into four parts
2 round eggplants - cut into four parts
2 carrots - cut into 1 inch cubes or rounds
8 long beans - cut into 1 inch long
6 fresh green chillis
1 cup Dhal beans - soak overnight with water
1 cinnamon stick
6 cloves
1 star anise
2 strands of curry leaves
2 cups of coconut milk
6 tbsp meat or chicken curry powder - mixed with water to form a thick paste

Blended/Pounded Items
4 garlic
1 big onion
1 inch ginger


1. In a big pot, pour oil until hot. Add curry leaves, cinnamon stick, star anise and cloves. Stir for five seconds.
2. Add the blended items and stir until it turns light brown.
3. Add curry powder paste and cook until the oil emerge on top and around the paste. You may add some water if it's to dry. Stir regularly.
4. After the oil has emerged, add the meat. Stir until all are coated well with the curry paste.
5. After 1 minute, add dhal beans. Stir for a minute then add coconut milk. Stir well.
6. When the coconut milk is boiling, add the potatoes.
7. After the potatoes are half tender, add carrots, eggplants,long beans and green chillies.
8. Cook until all meat and vegetables are tender and the gravy turns half thick.
9. Add salt to taste.
10. Serve with a hot briyani rice and cucumber and carrot salad to complete the dish.

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geets said...

Hey I found your blog from Charles' blog and I am glad I am here : ) Can I replace the beef here with chicken? I am Hindu and I don't eat beef. Also my blog is at http://myeversohumbleopinion.blogspot.com/ come on over have a look and let me know your thoughts please!!!

asiadeli said...

Hi geets,of course you can replace beef with chicken. Try it and you will definitely love it....

Jojoluv said...

OMG you make me hungry^^.
Of course I follow you too thx for your comment.


Redd said...

Omgoodness. I love this! I am sooo glad you visited my blog. This curry looks sooo much better then when I try to make it.

Love the receipe! I am following back and will be a continuing visitor. XD

Have a beautiful day!

Candlej- said...

i have had different variations of this dish, and they are all awesome.. time you ad yours to the list of ones to try


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