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Spring Rolls


250 gr flour
1-2 egg
100 g of carrot
4 pieces of shallots
15-20 cc (1 tbs) of sweet soy sauce
80 g of butter

Curry Spring RollsImage by ayngelina via Flickr

200 g of bread crumbs
50 g of scallions
100 g of chicken
Hot Chili pepper for sauce


* Mix the flour and butter with 1 egg
* Form thin layer of squares - for wrappers
* Cut the chicken into small pieces.
* Cut the carrot into small pieces and half boil it
* Cut scallions into small tiny pieces.
* Grind the shallots and garlic.
* Heat the pan.
* Add butter, wait till melt and add grind shallots and garlic.
* Wait till the smell blow out and add chicken.
* Stir and put in carrots, scallions
* Mix evenly.
* Add salt, sweet soy-sauce and pepper to taste.
* Cook until chicken is well done.
* Put 1 spoon of the result above into each square and wrap it.
* Dip it in the egg left, pour flour.
* Heat oil in a pan.
* Deep fry the risoles on medium heat until golden brown.
* Serve with hot chili pepper.

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