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Noodles Soup


600 gms yellow noodles
300 gms fresh prawns
2 tomatoes — cut into 6
1 tbsp black peppercorns
2 pieces beancurd — fried and cubed
125 gms mustard greens — cut into 3 cm lengths
350 gms bean sprouts

Noodle soup with prawnImage by madhatrk via Flickr

4 tbsps oil
Salt to taste

3 cabbage leaves
4 shallots
2 cloves garlic

6 chilli padi — sliced thinly
1 large onion — sliced
2 tbsps thick soy sauce


Heat oil and fry the sliced shallots and garlic until fragrant.

Add in the prawns and pepper. Mix well.

Add in 6 cups water and bring to boil. Season to taste.

Add in the cabbage, bean sprouts, mustard greens and fried beancurd.

Put in the noodles and tomatoes. Cook for 1 minute.

Prepare the sauce by mixing all the ingredients together.

Serve the noodles soup with the sauce.

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